Rudy Gobert et Fred Weis

Rudy Gobert at Wolves, Fred Weis is already worried

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This is one of the most significant moves of the summer: Rudy Gobert joined Minnesota after 9 great years at Jazz. The opportunity for the Frenchman to complete an ambitious squad, which intends to get involved in the fight for the title. But Frédéric Weis already notes some points of concern that will have to be watched…

Anthony Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns, Rudy Gobert: here is a trio that could make noise in the West if the mayonnaise takes the side of the Timberwolves. The decision of the franchise is in any case strong, and focuses on a model of “twin towers” now not very widespread in NBA rackets. Across the league and observers, many are those who see this new squad in a good light… but not Frédéric Weis.

Frédéric Weis not necessarily convinced by Gobert’s arrival at Wolves

At the microphone of the team, the former player of the French team did not hide the many questions he still has about the marriage between Gobert and Minnesota. And if the big man that is the native of Thionville ardently wishes that the operation works, he asks to see:

It’s a bet. In the era of smallball, I ask to see even if I dream that it works because we buried the big men. They really need to be smart and Rudy to move well in spaces. Rudy also risks having fewer balloons than in Utah.

It is true that Gobert has often been frustrated by the lack of balls he touched in Utah, the situation sometimes even bordering on tragicomic during the last playoffs. Will the triple defender of the year be better served by Edwards, Towns and others? Nothing is less sure.

In addition, the defensive question, which is sorely lacking in Wolves, holds the attention of Weis. If Gobert no longer has to prove his enormous quality on that side of the field, the association with another great in the person of KAT could be perilous according to the former Limoges and Malaga player in particular.

Neither Towns nor Gobert are the best on lateral moves. Won’t the opponents be tempted to do like Dallas against Utah, play in a horseshoe, with insides shooting from three points, to prevent Gobert from being the king of the racket? ?

The question is again very legitimate, and there is no doubt that coach Chris Finch is already working on the subject. In an NBA with increasingly explosive and athletic exteriors, and with greats capable of shooting wide for most of them, a defensive challenge could clearly arise. However, we can trust the science of Gobert’s game on that side of the field to find the keys. Anyway, that’s all we want.

If the arrival of Rudy Gobert in Minnesota has generally had a positive impact, Frédéric Weis remains cautious and does not hesitate to share the questions that run through his head. See you in the fall for the first answers!



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