L'énorme regret de Kevin Durant après son exploit historique révélé !

“No one wants Kevin Durant to go there, not even him”

If Kevin Durant leaves the Nets, then the team that picks him up will immediately become a contender. However, certain destinations should be avoided according to an analyst, in particular a franchise to which he has recently been linked.

where will play Kevin Durant next season? A priori, it will not be on the Brooklyn side since the winger has requested his transfer. If the Blacks and Whites have not yet found the counterpart that suits them with the competition, no doubt an agreement will be reached before the start of the 2022-23 campaign. The opportunity to obtain such a superstar is extremely rare, after all! A team would notably stand out as a favorite.

More surprisingly, it was the Warriors who came back several times in the discussion recently, they who had achieved the double when the 2014 MVP wore their colors. However, the franchise would not want to recruit him a priori and Nick Wright wanted to remind everyone why this was so. On the set of Fox Sportsthe latter explained that in fact, no one wanted such a meeting, whether it was the NBA community, the Californians or even the winger:

Nick Wright denies KD return to Warriors

No, I don’t want to see Kevin Durant back with the Warriors…I’m asking the NBA media, Adam Silver, Bob Myers and Sean Marks to nip this possibility in the bud. Nobody wants that. I don’t want that. Steph Curry don’t want that. I’d be shocked if Kevin Durant wanted that. And I know Golden State Warriors fans don’t want that.

According to the journalist, the idea of ​​seeing the Slim Reaper return to the Bay would immediately be tossed in the trash. it must be said that in terms of image, it would be absolutely catastrophic for KD, while the Dubs have just shown that they could be champions without him. Under these conditions, it is difficult to see the two parties seriously considering a reunion… On the fan side, we validate the analyst’s hypothesis in any case:

For once you’re just telling facts brother

Kevin Durant returning to the Warriors? According to Nick Wright, that would be absolutely out of the question. The league would have no interest in seeing this meeting happen again, and it would be the same with the two-time NBA champion.



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