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Julien Doré : lèvre gonflée, mine tirée, cet incident modifie son visage pour ses 40 ans, cette leçon d'anniversaire

Julien Doré: swollen lip, drawn mine, this incident changes his face for his 40th birthday, this birthday lesson

Recently, Julien Doré has just celebrated its 40th anniversary. As usual, his fans did not miss the opportunity to wish him a very happy birthday through his Instagram account. To demonstrate his gratitude, the singer took the floor to thank them through a video. However, instead of focusing on his thank you messages, audiences were drawn to a whole other eye-catching detail! We give you more details!

Julien Doré: The artist has published a video for his birthday!

On the occasion of his 40th birthday, Julien Doré found himself as the star of social networks for a whole day. It is worth noting that this musician was the center of everyone’s interest. Many were quick to write to him in comments or in a private message to wish him a happy birthday. At the same time, most continued with wishes and wishes of happiness and fullness for the pianist !

Touched by all these tender words towards his person, Julien Doré held to publicly thank its subscribers for their gesture of affection. In addition, he recorded a short dedication which he then posted online for fairly wide distribution. In this story, he said: “40 years today. Thank you for your messages my paupiettes”. Instead of being interested in the star’s message, the public noticed a rather glaring detail on the singer’s physique!

The musician has swollen upper lips!

Looking at the publication of Julien Doré, nobody was indifferent to the anomaly present on his face. We can see that his mouth has swollen considerably like the lips of a fish! Moreover, at the first sight of the video, this is the most obvious element of its release. Which aroused the curiosity of all his fans! What happened to this singer? We will explain the reasons to you in a moment!

According to the information obtained, this incident of Julien Doré is caused by a simple clumsiness of everyday life. Only, it will mark this special day in his life so much! This anniversary of his second decade will be marked by this chubby lip. An indelible memory that he will never forget! As to the reason for this situation, it was discovered thata wasp stung him while he was still drinking his beer.

Julien Doré: The artist refused to let his fans down despite the circumstances!

Julien Dore was really unlucky having experienced this unfortunate incident on his birthday. In addition, he had also planned to perform a concert close to this date. To be more exact, his stage appearance was scheduled for Friday July 8th!

With this weird mouth, would Julien Doré have been able to present himself in public? Incredibly, the artist took his courage in both hands and appeared in public. For those who don’t know, this musical performance took place in Albi!



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