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LeBron et Kyrie chez les Cavaliers

“It was sad, we were embarrassed when we saw him cheating on his wife”

NBA players are young, athletic, very rich, they are logically the target of many courtesans. And if some are strong enough for resist the permanent temptation, others crack, and not just once. To the point of putting small tensions in the locker room…

Tristan Thompson will remain in the collective memory of NBA fans as a solid player. A relatively “small” pivot (he measures 2m06), he is nevertheless one of the best rebounders of the 2010s′. For example, he averaged 4 offensive rebounds over several seasons, and he was one of the great artisans of the Cavaliers “dynasty”, which reigned for years in the East.

Only here, for the general public, Tristan Thompson is not necessarily a great athlete or a reference in his milieu, he is simply the companion of a Kardashian, the most powerful family in the world of entertainment. And unfortunately for him, even if he looked for it, his image is not necessarily good because of his relationship with Khloe.

The Cavaliers supported Khloe Kardashian

Indeed, the free agent was guilty of several deceptions, always very publicized, and this image of womanizer risks following him for a good while. Moreover, in an interview granted to the chain Cheer, his former teammate Iman Shumpert opened up about how the Cavaliers locker room accommodated Thompson’s many slip-ups. Obviously, everyone was sorry for his companion.

Tristan Thompson’s infidelity with Khloe Kardashian wasn’t too disruptive on a day-to-day basis for the team. When the outside world explodes or becomes passionate about a subject, we are lucky to have matches so we can concentrate on the field, on the upcoming deadlines, and think of nothing else, nothing that can disturb us in our personal lives.

But I think everyone in the locker room was thinking of Khloe when we saw Tristan messing around. She’s a really cool girl. Afterwards I don’t know the underside of their relationship, but I imagine that they communicate, they are grown up, and they do everything to make things go well for their children. But I remember that at the time I found the situation very sad.

Tristan Thompson’s behavior with Khloe Kardashian did not necessarily affect the morale of the Cavaliers locker room, they who had far too important goals in mind to be distracted… But during outings and with each new scandal, Iman Shumpert and his teammates everyone was obviously thinking about poor Khloe. Proof that friendship in a group can have its limits.

Tristan Thompson has never been the most discreet when he decides to cheat on Khloe Kardashian, and his teamsome found visibly the situation quite sad. Luckily they never let bad buzz get in their way.



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