La star NBA française du Utah Jazz, Rudy Gobert, a récemment vu une nouvelle franchise se positionner sur son dossier

“I sent a message to Rudy Gobert, I will miss him”

For Rudy Gobert, the summer of 2022 will remain that of the biggest change since his arrival in the NBA 9 years ago. The good news is that the Frenchman leaves good memories, especially with a player who paid him a very nice tribute on the sidelines of his departure.

A few years ago, we could see Rudy Gobert playing his entire career with the Jazz, who drafted him one evening in 2013. But things are going fast in the NBA, and the glass ceiling that has come up against Quinn Snyder’s men, as well as a not always easy relationship with Donovan Mitchell, got the better of this eventuality. It is therefore on the Wolves side that the native of Saint-Quentin was traded, in an ambitious team which has one desire: to join the fight for the first places in the West.

If he was warmly welcomed by Anthony Edwards and Karl Anthony Towns, Gobert also leaves behind teammates, staff and some fans he has known for many years. However, it was a player he only had time to meet briefly who sent him one of the most beautiful messages.

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Nickeil Alexander-Walker, who arrived in Utah a few months ago as part of the 3-team trade that sent CJ McCollum to New Orleans, has obviously retained only good things from the few months spent alongside the French giant. Questioned by TMZ in the street, the rear was thus completely complimentary towards “The Stifle Tower”. And it’s definitely nice to hear:

I messaged him when I found out about the trade. He’s a real good guy. When I came here he welcomed me with open arms. What he does on the court is special, he has this ability to affect all shots, and he is a great dynamic who is able to roll towards the circle. So obviously, playing with a guy like that, it will necessarily be missed.

Very nice words for Gobert, which are all the more satisfying since the Frenchman is not always considered at his fair value in the country of Uncle Sam. , Shaquille O’Neal and others, while the tricolor is nevertheless building an impressive CV, notably marked by several All-Star Game selections and 3 defender of the year titles.

Alexander-Walker, he is far from these childish outings or even the jealousy that sometimes shines through in certain speeches towards Gobert. NAW enjoyed his time alongside the French All-Star, and it is to his credit to let it be known in this way.

A supportive, altruistic and humanly positive player, Rudy Gobert obviously arouses a lot of respect among his peers. There is no doubt that Nickeil Alexander-Walker’s message should warm the hearts of the Frenchman, who is about to pack his bags far from Salt Lake City.



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