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How to use Google Trends?

Google Trends is one of the most widely used tools in the world, which allows its users to discover new trends efficiently and for free. Very important for those who work with SEO, it makes it easier to find current interests and discover seasonal trends. So how do you use Google Trends?

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Those who work in marketing digital should always be aware of key market trends and what consumers expect. Knowing what your target audience is looking for makes it easier to produce content that piques their interest and adds value. It is possible to anticipate trends and stand out from the competition thanks to innovative solutions such as Google Trends, a free service from Google.

Google Trends is a tool created in 2006 which allows you to follow the evolution of the number of searches carried out for a given keyword over time. This makes it possible to discover and follow the main trends related to this subject, such as its level of search on the Internet, its seasonality and the searches related to this keyword.

How does Google Trends work?

All the information you can access on Google Trends is part of the Google search engine database. The search engine collects, stores and organizes the data of each of the searches carried out by Internet users on Google and on other platforms such as Youtube.

However, searches on the same term carried out by a person in a short period of time, as well as the personal information of users, are excluded from this database.

What is Google Trends for?

The main uses of the tool Google Trends are:

  1. Have content ideas: the tool shows the most searched terms by search engine users. This is a very important indicator for working on the content and SEO of your site or your brand.
  2. Uncover trends: By researching keywords related to your business, you can see the growth (or decline) of searches related to your market, so you know which terms are trending the most right now.
  3. To compare two keywords: cookie or cookie? Keyword or keyword? Comparing synonyms or related themes will let you know which is more interesting to use in your marketing action plan.

Google Trends: how to use it?


To get started, go to You don’t need to register to get started with Google Trends.
On the first page, you will find the most recently discussed topics on the Internet, in the form of top 10 or summary by year.


You can enter a search term in the “explore” box. You can then refine the search results by country, by time (day, week, month and year, for example), by category (arts and entertainment, finance, technology, etc.) and by type of search (web, images , news, shopping or YouTube search). It is especially useful for you to understand the keywords that people are searching for in your industry.

Note that some very specific searches, such as proper nouns or many quoted terms, may not have a volume enough research to be able to generate the graph.

Scrolling down, you will then find the countries where the term is most searched for, as well as the searches related. This is a useful feature for discovering alternative keywords.

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