Le joueur que les Lakers comptent déjà signer dans les prochaines semaines !

Heavy in preparation at the Lakers in the coming weeks?!

Like many franchises, the Lakers took action this summer to improve their roster. There are already 5 arrivals since the beginning of the free agency, and we have to believe that the work is not finished. Rob Pelinka teases the heavy for the sequel, even if the mystery remains for the moment.

After a season that can easily be described as a failure, the Lakers had a job to do for the start of the summer. No question of remaining static on the market, the front office has therefore decided to chain the signatures. 5 players have already reinforced this team, including Lonnie Walker, or a coveted free agent: Thomas Bryant, who is looking to revive after a few injuries. Interesting choices, even if it will take more to reassure the supporters.

Because the Purple and Gold are not there to simply take a place in the playoffs. The franchise is aiming much further, with a possible title in 2023, and given the competition, modifications are still necessary. Fans think of Russell Westbrook, who is still not unanimous in the City of Angels. The fracture with his teammates is also real, like his evening this Friday, away from LeBron James.

The Lakers ready for a big improvement in their roster?

That’s good, since Marc Stein has just taken stock of the future of the Lakers. He confirms that the Angelinos should be watched closely in the coming weeks, as there will still be arrivals in Los Angeles. Which ones? No indication for the moment, but two names come back with insistence: Eric Gordon, who plays today with the Rockets, and finally Buddy Hield, still with the Pacers.

The targets for the Lakers are Eric Gordon and Buddy Hield, among others. The Lakers came close to picking up Hield last season, but decided to go with Russell Westbrook instead. The Angelinos still linked to the Kyrie Irving file, but there is still work to finalize all that. In any case, Rob Pelinka is looking for other moves to make, even after Irving.

If the Lakers can find a way to improve that roster, the front office won’t mind. However, there is no question of overpaying a player. The franchise wants to take its time, especially after the failure of summer 2021. Take Westbrook instead of Hield? Suffice to say that it ended rather badly for this team. Nevertheless, Pelinka himself confirms that you have to be ready with the fans:

We haven’t finished on the market yet. We still have work.

Yes, the Lakers will sign more players in the coming weeks. Impossible to know who exactly, even if the supporters are still betting on the arrival of Kyrie Irving, in the best of scenarios. This month of July will undoubtedly be decisive for the future.



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