La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, aurait déjà vu son successeur aux Lakers débarquer dans la ligue

Fans furious after the first signings of the Lakers!

The Lakers have been active since the opening of free agency, having signed a few players. The problem is that the fans are not particularly convinced by all these moves, and they did not hesitate to burn the franchise for its recruitment strategy.

The sites are numerous for the Lakers, who had to face several departures after the disaster that was 2021-22. It was therefore essential to strengthen the workforce, while paying attention to finances which are unfortunately quite tight. The objective is after all to bring in a new star… They have just struck again, by luring a former Wizards member into their nets.

In total, the Californians have now signed five players since the opening of the market, not counting the many rookies they are currently testing. A necessary activity given that they have lost people, but at the moment quantity seems to be favored over quality. When we look at the list of recruits in LA, we realize that it is not particularly flashy:

If the bench has been repopulated in this way, we can not say that it is the furious madness on the side of the City of Angels. No big name to put in their mouths, and the fact that Bryant should be able to fight for the post of starting pivot proves how much the workforce of the Purples and Golds is still deficient. Waiting for the file Kyrie Irving finds a resolution, it’s far too light… and the fans are aware of it, they who are very disappointed:

Fans furious at Lakers’ lack of big rookies

Nobody cares

It’s crap, new season of sh*t to come

The recruitment of the Lakers since the beginning of free agency does not really inspire confidence. In the current state of things, it is impossible to see the Californians becoming a contender for the title again next year… We will have to pass the second and quickly.



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