La superstar NBA française des Minnesota Timberwolves, Rudy Gobert, sous les couleurs des Bleus lors de JO 2021 de Tokyo

Controversy over 2024, Rudy Gobert cools everyone!

At only 30 years old, Rudy Gobert can fully hope to compete in the Paris Olympics with the France team. As such, he reacted to the big controversy which tarnishes the organization of the basketball tournament, and which in particular outrages Evan Fournier!

After a silver medal won last year in Tokyo, and in view of the competitors who fill the ranks of the team, it is impossible for the latter to aim for anything other than gold. The Blues should indeed land with immense ambitions during the Paris Olympics in 2024. The fact that the latter are organized “at home” should, moreover, offer them the additional boost they could need.

Two years before this crucial deadline, impatience is already being felt among Rudy Gobert’s teammates, but also… anger. Indeed, the big controversy that is already enamelling the tournament, and especially the place where its group matches will be played, has provoked many excited reactions, especially from Evan Fournier. In turn, Gobzilla recently had to take a stand on this touchy topic.

Rudy Gobert calms the heat around the 2024 Olympics

Guest on the set of RMC Sport for The Integralthis Saturday, Gobert was very corporate with a more measured and filtered speech than that of Fournier:

It’s not easy to organize a competition like the Olympic Games. There are many sports, many factors that come into play. Logistics that we sports people have no idea.

Indeed, despite all their love and passion for the orange ball, Gobert and his partners do not master all the data in the organizational field of such competitions. As a result, Rudy refuses to be as virulent as Fournier, that a certain Nicolas Batum recently defended. On the other hand, he also claims to want the playing conditions to be the best possible:

I still hope that we will be put in the best possible position, out of respect for our sport and what it represents. With the team we have and what we have built in recent years, we will be able to fill rooms with 20,000 people. Afterwards, Paris, not Paris… We know that there aren’t a lot of rooms to maximize all that. We, in any case, we will prepare as well as possible. The goal is the gold medal.

Because yes, beyond all these discussions around logistics, the Stifle Tower wishes above all to focus its attention on one objective: the Olympic title!

As we saw last year, with team spirit, aggressiveness, and all the same talent — because you don’t arrive without talent either — great things can happen!

Far from holding a speech as belligerent as that of Evan Fournier, Rudy Gobert stays away from all organizational issues of the 2024 Olympics, and prefers to focus on the sporting aspect. Not to mention that one can have an impact on the other!



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