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China-USA arms pass over Taiwan's presence at the UN

China-USA arms pass over Taiwan’s presence at the UN

Pass of arms between Beijing and Washington. China on Wednesday rejected the United States’ proposal to grant Taiwan “meaningful participation” in the UN, after Joe Biden’s declarations on his “commitment” to defending the island from a possible attack. Chinese.

“Taiwan is a crucial partner of the United States and a democratic success story,” said US Foreign Minister Antony Blinken on Tuesday amid growing tensions with Beijing over the fate of the island.

“Taiwan has no right to participate in the UN”

In a statement, he called on the rest of the world to “support Taiwan’s meaningful and robust participation in the UN system and the international community”, saying its contribution was needed to deal with “an unprecedented number of World challenges “.

The Chinese reaction was not long in coming: “Taiwan has no right to participate in the UN”, declared this Wednesday in Beijing the spokesperson for the Office of Taiwanese Affairs, Ma Xiaoguang, recalling that only States sovereigns can join the United Nations. The controversy between the two giants of the Pacific comes as the communist regime has just celebrated with fanfare the 50th anniversary of its membership of the UN, to the detriment of the Taiwanese government which until then occupied the seat allocated to China.

Antony Blinken noted that Taiwan’s participation “in certain specialized UN agencies” had been effective “over most of the past 50 years”. However, he pointed out that it had “recently” become impossible, particularly within the World Health Organization or the International Civil Aviation Organization – pointing, without naming it, to the growing opposition of the China. “Taiwan’s exclusion undermines the important work of the UN and its agencies,” he insisted. The Secretary of State affirms that Taiwanese participation in the UN system “is not a political question, but a pragmatic question”, and insists that it is in accordance with his doctrine with regard to the island and the China.

Defense “commitment”

“Thank you Mr. Blinken for recognizing Taiwan’s role as a vital partner of the United States and a democratic model”, reacted on Twitter the Taiwanese diplomacy, welcoming support “crucial to effectively face global challenges”. Washington regularly advocates better representation of Taipei in United Nations agencies and international meetings. But the publication of such a press release when tensions are at their height with Beijing, on this question as on many other subjects, seems intended to send a new message of firmness. China considers the island of 23 million inhabitants, which it does not control, as one of its provinces awaiting reunification with the rest of the country.

But the Asian giant has recently multiplied the incursions of warplanes into the air defense identification zone (Adiz) of Taiwan, raising fears of a desire to eventually break with the status quo – and pushing the United States to raise your voice. Asked last week about the possibility of an American military intervention to defend Taiwan in the event of an attack from China, President Joe Biden replied in the affirmative: “Yes, we have a commitment in this direction”, had- he declares. His statement appeared to contradict the longstanding US policy of “strategic ambiguity.” Under it, Washington helps Taipei to build and strengthen its defenses but without explicitly promising to come to its aid in the event of an attack.

The words of the American president had been badly received in Beijing, which had called on him to “caution” in order “not to seriously harm Sino-American relations”. The US government was subsequently careful to ensure that its policy towards Taiwan had not changed. The United States has recognized communist China since 1979, to the detriment of Taiwan, but the American Congress also imposes the supply of weapons to the island for its defense.



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