NBA Chet Holmgren drafté par le Thunder

Big humiliation for Chet Holmgren on social networks!

Announced as a prodigy, Chet Holmgren will however still have to convince the world. His physique earned him a lot of mockery on social networks… However, some precedents have enough to give him confidence for the future.

Rival of Victor Wembanyama in the youth category, Chet Holmgren has a year before the great French hope arrives in the NBA. In the meantime, the pivot intends to make an impression on the courts and has wasted no time in signing heavyweight during the Summer League. In addition to signing an all-time recordthe Thunder player showed off his technical qualities, with great mobility and a foolproof shoot as well as real protection of the circle.

Nevertheless, not everyone is yet won over to the cause of the draft n°2, for a very simple reason: his physique. A true unicorn of the parquet floors, the youngster is certainly tall (2m16) but also particularly fine, a morphology which clashes among the overtrained athletes of the big league. A surfer also took the opportunity to humiliate him on Twitter, comparing him to behemoths such as Karl Malone or even Shaquille O’Neal :

Chet Holmgren mocked for his lanky physique

The big men then vs the big men today

It’s a fact, the former Gonzaga is a vine and one wonders if he will really be able to respond to contacts once the regular season has started. Especially after being manhandled by colossus Kenneth Lofton Jr…However, it would seem that most fans have full faith in the OKC nugget. Several of them have also recalled that some legends of the game have also taken a little time to thicken:

At his age, KD and Giannis had the same physique

Shaq during his rookie season. Most 19-year-olds aren’t built like that coming into the league. They don’t get that kind of mass until their third or fourth year.

Chet Holmgren is still very fine and we will have to gain mass so that he can fully express himself on the court. Luckily for him, this should be quite simple to achieve, based on intensive training and a suitable diet.



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