L'ancien meneur NBA Delonte West, passé par le pire, s'apprête à faire un retour remarqué sur les parquets

At the bottom of the abyss, the terrible declaration of Delonte West

Big3 (DR) / @damani_givens

A time out of misery, Delonte West seems to have plunged back into it just as quickly. A terrible observation for the former leader of the Cavaliers and teammate of LeBron James, who did not manage with his revelation about his mental and psychological state!

While his former leader LeBron James officially became a billionaire, he found himself again haunted by his old demons. On the road to redemption for months, Delonte West finally plunged again, much to the dismay of fans. Candidate for the Draft of the Big 3 last May, the former NBA leader did not appear there, before being found a few days later in picturesque conditions.

The dramatic confession of Delonte West

Vagabond in the streets of Virginia, West is often challenged by young fans, with whom he never refuses to discuss. Recently, it was the YouTuber Shiakuro who went to meet him, and who was able to come back to his last months, oh so difficult, by his side. With an open heart, the ex-Cavalier then poured out his failed healing process, and confessed the evil that gnaws at him:

It was amazing! (Mark Cuban) sent me to adventure therapy because I had mental issues, you know. I was at an early stage of this mess. And yeah, I’m just losing my mind, man. So I thank God for the fact that you came to approach me. Sometimes I even forget that I played basketball.

Yes, West has fallen so low that he almost forgets that he played 8 great seasons in the most prestigious basketball league, rubbing shoulders with the best players of his time and becoming an icon for many fans around the world.

The terrible ravages of an illness that has struck him for a few months already, when he will only celebrate his 39th birthday on July 26. However, “Redz” is not one to feel sorry for himself. On the contrary, he prefers to appeal to his faith and believes that without his setbacks, he would still have ended up where he is, chatting with the American videographer:

You know what ? God knows what he’s doing. If anything else had happened, or if things had turned out differently, you and I would still be here talking. Look at the joy and the love we are giving off right now!

A certain sense of optimism and relativism, which should not, however, lessen the pain of Internet users in the face of his helpless confession.

Back to rock bottom, Delonte West admits he sometimes forgets his memories as an NBA player. Fortunately, the fans are responsible for reminding him of them in short interviews that are precious to him.



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