Kevin Durant sort du silence dans le feuilleton Kyrie Irving !

Another trade in preparation at the Nets?

With the starting desires of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, we almost forget that the Nets have other soap operas to manage, including that of a young player on the roster. The front office could take advantage of this to recover a new reward, just to better prepare for the future.

There’s definitely some action with the Nets, who will have a radically different roster next season. Kevin Durant is expected to jump ship, as is Kyrie Irving, expected at the Lakers at the start of the school year. Only problem? We still have to convince Brooklyn, whose leaders are quite greedy. No question of making a gift on the market, which means that departures could take weeks, in the best of scenarios.

The Nets are playing their future, and knowing that the front office wants to continue to fight for the title in stride, we can be sure that they will not do anything when it comes to giving up the stars. But Sean Marks, the GM, is also thinking about the future of other players in the squad. We think of Cam Thomas, a young player who made a lot of noise last year, and rather well.

The Nets continue their cleaning

Only 20 years old, Thomas made noise last year with averages of 8.5 points and 2.4 rebounds. It seems weak and yet, the back has attracted a lot, especially for a 27th draft choice. He had a few cards off the bench, with for example 27 points against the Wizards, or 30 units against the defense of Jazz Rudy Gobert at the time. According to the NY Post, Brooklyn could therefore look for a way out.

The reason ? The consideration mentioned. If Thomas leaves, which is obviously not acquired, we are talking about a first round draft in exchange. An interesting asset, especially in the event that the Nets really want to aim for the title:

Sources say the Nets have received interest from multiple teams to get Cam Thomas back. According to some members, the young player could bring his team a first round of the draft.

We recall that the Nets sent a first round to the Jazz to recover Royce O’Neal. Trading Thomas would be a way to get another draft pick, which is never too much to prepare for the future of a franchise. This is not the only move mentioned, since the whole roster is on the start in the Big Apple. It’s a big change coming to Brooklyn, and it should start with Kevin Durant’s trade.

No doubt, Cam Thomas is full of talent. It remains to be seen whether he will have the opportunity to exploit it with the Nets, or whether he should prepare for a potential trade in the months to come. We are talking about a talented young person here, so be careful not to regret it in the Big Apple.



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