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An All-Star signs an extremely rare contract and seals his career!

After the frenzy of the first days of free agency, a few big-name free agents still had to decide their future in the last few hours. This is what a multiple All-Star did, obtaining in the process a single contract in the entire league!

Who says no superstars are filling the free agent market this year? Admittedly, the big names in the NBA weren’t the ones that most animated the early days of free agency. On the other hand, they could position themselves as the big players of the days to come. One of them has already launched hostilities this Wednesday, negotiating the second biggest contract in the history of the league!

Bradley Beal returns to the Wizards and receives an XXL bonus

Holder of a player option for the 2022-23 season, Bradley Beal had logically decided to decline it a few days ago. In this way, he could obviously choose to join the team of his choice, but also claim a huge salary increase at the Wizards. It is finally for this second option that he opted, also inheriting a non-negligible asset for the rest of his career:

A contract signed this Wednesday which stands out is none other than that of 5 years and 251M$ initialed by Bradley Beal. Negotiated by Mark Bartelstein of Priority Sports, Beal’s contract contains a “no trade clause”. He is the only player in the league to have such a clause.

Sole holder of this privilege to date, Beal joins thanks to him a list of the most prestigious.

Indeed, before him, only 9 players had managed to negotiate such power, namely David Robinson, Dirk Nowitzki, Dwyane Wade, John Stockton, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Tim Duncan. It must be said that the conditions for claiming it are intended to be rather selective, as Marc Stein reminded us on Twitter:

Players must have at least eight years of service in the league and four on the same team to obtain an absolute “no trade clause” in the NBA.

Thanks to her, Beal will therefore be the sole decision maker of his future, whether he wishes to write it in Washington or elsewhere. A sacred proof of loyalty to his franchise, but also a big risk taken by his leaders, who will no longer have the upper hand in the negotiations concerning him!

Rewarded for his loyalty to the Wizards, Bradley Beal not only broke the bank with his new contract, but also took charge of the rest of his career. And that, no one can say the same in the NBA at the moment!



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