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A star arrested at the dawn of free agency, he risks big!

As free agency opens for the NBA this Thursday, Miles Bridges really made a huge mistake. The interior, who will be a free agent during this event, was arrested by the police on Wednesday. He risks big penalties given the facts, and could quite simply lose his future big contract.

Here we are ! The free agency will be officially open this Thursday, June 30, and we can logically expect a lot of signatures from the first day. Big moves in sight, with some players hoping to land a major contract. This is the case of Deandre Ayton, who should leave the Suns in the coming days, to exploit his full potential. But he is not the only one in this situation, since Miles Bridges is also free.

The interior was hoping to get a big contract from the Hornets, with its 20-point average. Bridges has established himself as a solid addition to the racket, with plenty of room for improvement. Unfortunately for him, he has probably just lost everything after the latest revelation from TMZ: the person concerned was arrested by the police on Wednesday, barely 24 hours before free agency.

A Hornet risks losing everything in free agency

As you have understood, this is the worst possible timing, especially since the alleged facts are extremely serious. Also according to TMZ, Bridges was arrested for domestic violence and a physical altercation with a woman. For the time being, no information on the possible sanctions, but we know that a medical unit was necessary. Bridges surrendered to police on Wednesday, posting $130,000 bond to be released.

Miles Bridges was arrested for domestic violence on Wednesday after a physical altercation with a woman.

For sanctions, it will probably be necessary to be patient. But for Bridges, it could start as early as this Thursday, with free agency. In such a context, it’s hard to imagine that the Hornets, or another team, will want to offer him a big contract, or a deal for that matter. Franchises will want to wait to find out more, but Bridges may have lost everything here.

Miles Bridges has committed an unacceptable act there, and is about to suffer the consequences. No contract for the interior, at least for now, not until the details of this arrest are known. In the meantime, the Hornet can clearly blame themselves, barely 24 hours before the start of free agency.



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