Prince William completely out of his mind, this video has gone viral

Of a very calm nature, Prince William could not contain his anger when he saw a paparazzi hanging around the family estate of Sandringham, in January 2021. The scene was filmed and ended up on June 27. on social networks. The video went completely viral.

On this one, we see the father of Georges, Charlotte and Louis, who recently celebrated his 40th birthday, getting violently angry with a photographer he had just caught following him, his family and him, while they were riding bicycles. “You were spying on us, you were looking for us!” he launched at first, while dialing a telephone number. “We are on a bike ride with our children, we saw you near our house” says Kate Middleton.

“How dare you ?”

“How dare you behave like this with our children, how dare you?” was indignant the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, completely beside himself. “I’m taking a quiet walk with my kids on a Saturday and you don’t even give me your name. You are outrageous, you are repulsive!” he continued, before asking him how he got there. “Where do you come from ? Why are you here ?” he insisted while the photographer explained to him that he had taken the public road. Which was not enough to calm Prince William, who maintains a…

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