Very pregnant L5 Coralie in a tight dress facing Larusso and Julie Pietri in great shape

On Wednesday June 29, 2022 in prime time, M6 gives viewers an appointment to discover the first issue of Largest karaoke in France. Hosted by Elodie Gossuin and Eric Antoine, the evening promises a great time of entertainment. And for good reason, it is a competition.

Within the public, made up of 6,000 people, only a thousand of them will try to stand out. Equipped with headphones and microphones, the players will have to sing at the same time as the guest artists on stage thanks to the lyrics that will be displayed on their mobile and on the giant screen. It is a jury of experts behind the scenes who will have the task of deciding between them through four rounds. This jury was formed by singing teachers, musicians and vocal coaches. From the end of the first stage, they will only be half to continue the adventure. In the end, the top five will have the chance to take the stage for the semi-final. Qualifiers will have another advantage, that of sharing a duet with an artist.

On the guest side, we will find some of the emblematic personalities of the 2000s, namely Larusso who will perform his cult hit You will forget meYannick will make dance on Those nights there, Julie Pietri will be present to sing Eve get up, David and Jonathan will be in duet on Are you coming for vacation ?, Manau will update Dana’s tribe and the L5s will do the show on All the women in your life. The group member Coralie even carried out the filming which took place in May when she was pregnant with her second child. On stage, in a molded black dress, the 45-year-old singer will reveal her baby bump. (See our slideshow). Among the other music professionals are also expected Sabrina, Patrick Hernandez, François Feldman, Nolwenn Leroy, Anne Sila, Priscilla Betti, Les Frangines or even Claudio Capéo.

The biggest karaoke in France Wednesday June 29, 2022 on M6, from 9:10 p.m.



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