The astonishing proposal made to Gérard Holtz for the Tour

At 75, Gérard Holtz almost made his return to television during the Tour de France.

He was one of the voices of the Tour de France. From 1985 to 2016, Gérard Holtz indeed officiated on the sidelines of the big loop, generally after the finish. Vélo-Club, Cloakrooms, After-tour then again Vélo-Club: the journalist from France Télévisions animated for more than three decades the end of the afternoon of July on the public service.

After six years away from the Tour de France, the former presenter of Stade 2 could have found the scent of the Grande Boucle this summer. Evidenced by the proposal made by … Italian television. ” Rai told me that I could do the Jean-Paul Olivier for the Tour de France. That is to say to tell the story of the villages and monuments in Italian during the Tour de France. But I couldn’t do it because I was acting in the theatre. But that would have been very funny “, he entrusted to the microphone of David Barbet, in Télépro.

But according to him, Gérard Holtz does not have the time to devote himself to such a project. The fault with its topicality in the theater. ” I’m on tour with a play called Vive le sport et ses petits secrets, he confided. I also have the writing of the next books.The former journalist has also received another proposal on television. ” I had a proposal very recently. I went on a television show, on C8, with Pascal Praud, and one of the bosses called Pascal Praud to ask him for my phone number to offer me something “, he explained.

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