“I find him emaciated, zombified”: A journalist “terrified” in front of her drugged son, she gives herself up without filter

The hell of drug addiction, anyone can be a victim. This is the prevention message that a French journalist who fought for ten long years alongside her son wishes to convey. It is Roselyne Febvrehead of the political department of France 24. With our colleagues from the magazine TV Staron newsstands Monday, June 27, 2022, it is delivered in parallel with the broadcast of the program My darling child on LCP.

It all started a long time ago, when Romain was only 15 years old. He was arrested by the police while in possession of cannabis. Roselyne Febvre then thinks that this is an isolated fact, “that it is occasional”. “I watch, but in fact he smokes every day“, regrets this former presenter of Evening 3 who intervenes in the newspapers and animates Political Tuesday, Policy and Face to face. Romain’s grades plummet and he ends up recovering from the threat of tripling his second class. But for a while, only…

A few years later, when he was 19, Romain moved in with his girlfriend. This is where he relapses. “Its consumption will go crescendo. MDMA, ketamine, mushrooms he grows in his studio…“recalls the one who participated in the creation of the France 24 channel. Worried, she tries to establish a dialogue with her son but he assures us that everything is fine. “Until the day he disappears and I find him at the police station, in the middle of a psychotic crisis“, says Roselyne Febvre. From there, the young man was interned in Sainte-Anne, a psychiatric hospital in the capital. For two years, he went back and forth, “without any diagnosis being made“. Then, it is announced “bipolar, schizophrenic, psychotic“.”I find my emaciated, zombified son, who looks at me with his head tilted… It’s terrifying“, she recalls.

Today, Romain is 27 years old and is doing much better. “He hasn’t used anything for a year and was released from his last treatment center three months ago.. He lives in a small studio 400m from mine. He comes to my house for lunch and dinner every day.says Roselyne Febvre. He has a lifelong battle with addiction and I will never stop worrying about him. I would just like people to stop saying that someone uses drugs because they want to: addiction is a terrible disease.“A strong testimony from a mother who continues to fight for her son.



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