Allegra Gucci recovered a luxurious object, found with the body of her father, years later

The dark past of his family, the whole planet knows it. Maurizio Gucci was killed by four bullets on March 24, 1995 in Porta Venezia at the age of 47. This is Patricia Reggiani, his former wife, who had ordered his murder. This story was so crazy that it inspired many works, including recently the film House of Gucci by Ridley Scott. Except that the “cartoon version” of the filmmaker did not please Allegra, the daughter of Patricia and Maurizio, at all, so much so that she decided to reveal her truth in a book entitled Fine dei Giochi, published by Piemme editions. To make things right and for her two children; the author donates her copyright to the Francesca Rava Foundation

After 27 years of silence, Allegra Gucci gives his version of the facts. If she confirms that Patricia Reggiani did not order the death of Maurizio Gucci because of his recent relationship with Paola Franchi, she describes the latter as a person with troubled intentions. “My father lived in a 1000 square meter apartmentshe tells Miss Figaro. Paola had been living at home for 4 months at the time of the tragedy. Six hours had not yet passed when Madame Franchi had had it completely emptied: furniture, paintings, decorative objects, antique vases from China, clothes, watches, bags, books… Looting. There was nothing left but a white sweater placed on a chair. It was my sister, Alessandra, to whom I am very close, who kept it.

She was next to my father the day he died

The day after Maurizio Gucci’s death, Paola Franchi allegedly had the same operation repeated in the family home located in Saint-Moritz. She would then have asked to be Allegra’s guardian to be able to manage her inheritance… in vain. There was therefore very little left, in terms of personal effects, for Allegra Gucci, who had to wait for years before Maurizio’s lawyer entrusts him with a treasure. “This briefcase was next to my father the day he diedshe recalls. She was impeccably crafted. Inside: a leather notepad where he wrote down his thoughts, his pens, a recorder… If I come back to it in the book, as on other Gucci-branded objects, it’s not because I have a score to settle with the company that bears my name. Our paths parted ways long ago, for good, and the effect the brand’s media exposure has on us only fuels the most morbid fantasies..”

Find the full interview of Allegra Gucci in the magazine Madame Figaro of June 24, 2022.



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