Jubillar case.  Resumption of excavations: drones explore new tracks (including an unusual one)

Jubillar case. Resumption of excavations: drones explore new tracks (including an unusual one)

The excavations resume in Cagnac-les-Mines, this Monday, June 27, 2022, to try to find the body of Delphine Jubillar (©Laurent Derne/Actu Toulouse)

They are back. This Monday, June 27, 2022, the gendarmes will once again deploy their hi-tech drones in the airspace of Cagnac-les-Mines (Tarn). According to our information, the investigators of the SR of Toulouse are determined to go all the way to achieve their goal: find the body of Delphine Jubillar.

The return of the drones

After tracking down war crimes in Ukraine, as Toulouse news recently revealed to you, IRCGN drones (National Gendarmerie Criminal Research Institute) will explore new avenues. They will be based in particular on the thousands of shots taken last March, which made it possible to draw up a mapping of the area to explore. The unfinished pavilion of Jubillar figure the epicenter.

the cellphone de Delphine has never bounded beyond a 2 km radiusand it is in this area that research is concentrated.

Delphine’s body “can’t be far”

Indicted for the murder of his wife, for a year, Cedric Jubillar has just seen his pre-trial detention extended by six months by the Toulouse liberties judge. The craftsman, who denies the crime and would see himself leaving the isolation area of ​​​​the Seysses remand center for judicial control under an electronic bracelet, appealed this decision. The chamber of instruction must examine this request, tomorrow, Tuesday, June 28.

On the ground, the determination of the gendarmes does not weaken. Since the alleged murderer only hada handful of hours before him to accomplish his crime and get rid of the bodysince the victim’s phone has not been found and has never ended up anywhere else, then Delphine must not – “cannot – be far away”.

All-out excavations and German medium

But it is clear that despite intensive excavations (beaten, house combed through, streams, sewers, cesspools, mine shafts, wild dumps, etc.), the nurse remains untraceable.

In addition to the coordinates retained thanks to the location of drones to search specific sectors of Cagnac, the gendarmes could also want close other doors. And check some less…conventional information. Like exploring, according to our sources, a precise GPS point recently revealed by german medium. By acquired conscience.

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Hundreds of letters from alleged “extra-lucid”

This is not the first time that investigators have checked information of this type. Since the start of the case, 18 months ago, several hundred letters, emails and phone calls of people supposedly endowed with powers that escape ordinary mortals, landed on the desk of the gendarmes.

Delphine is dead. Delphine is alive and well. “We” saw her in Spain. She lies under a concrete slab. By thriving on fears of gullible populations and the hopes of desperate familiesmediums and other clairvoyants hinder investigations more than they support them.

A broken watch tells the right time twice a day

Buried in forest. drowned in a lake. pier in a well… Or alive and well on the other side of the planet… The letters are so numerous and often so vague that, in the lot of rantings, someone will no doubt be able to boast after the fact – if the body is found – of having been right.

Doesn’t a watch, even broken down, tell the right time twice a day?

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