Cédric lied, the proof!

Reconstructing the night of December 15 to 16, 2020, during which Delphine Jubillar disappeared, is what investigators have been doing for a year and a half. Concrete evidence is lacking since no crime scene has been found, but various testimonies raise many questions. Among these, the word of a friend of the Tarn nurse. The Midi Dispatch had reported her remarks and in particular the fact that her husband and main suspect in the case lied.

In pre-trial detention for spousal homicide, Cédric Jubillar quickly questioned his behavior and his statements. The testimony of a friend of the couple does not play in his favor, even if the latter does not overwhelm the 34-year-old painter-plasterer: “I arrived at the house at the beginning of the afternoon, in Cagnac-les-Mines. Cedric was with a friend from the housing estate. I was surprised by the disorder that reigned in this house. There was a lot of dust and you couldn’t put a glass on the table anymore. Delphine was very orderly and used to keeping her house well. This mess was unlike him. During the conversation, I asked Cédric if Delphine hadn’t left with someone, an acquaintance, a friend? I was unaware at that time of their plan to separate. Cédric replied that she had no lover, not to her knowledge. In retrospect, I know he lied to me since he knew.

Indeed, he knew…

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