the doctor and ex-columnist of “TPMP” Jimmy Mohamed alerts on the number of cases of Covid-19!

Some thought it no longer existed, but it is still there. Indeed, the coronavirus may have taken a few weeks of “vacation” but it seems to be making a strong comeback, as evidenced by the skyrocketing number of Covid-19 cases in France in recent days. The doctor, and ex-columnist of TPMPJimmy Mohamed, has also made a point of forecasting on his Instagram account, and alerting his community to the ever-present risks.

He often gives medical advice on his behalf. A few days ago, it was about processed sausages that he wanted to alert parents who give this food to their young children. Not that these sausages are unhealthy, however, the doctor wanted to give advice on how to cut them. According to him, many would make the mistake of cutting them vertically, which would increase the risk of choking in the youngest. Because of the diameter of the children’s trachea, which would be almost the same size as a piece of sausage cut vertically.

Covid-19 still present and children affected

But this Sunday, June 26, it is about the most famous virus in the world, for two years, that Jimmy Mohamed wanted to give information to his subscribers. “Review of the morning, a lot of sick children, really a lot a lot…”he explains at the beginning of his intervention, specifying that “almost 90% of the people I saw were children”.

And among them, “tracheitis bronchitis”but “covid too”. This is why, faced with this “regain of form” on the part of the coronavirus, the ex-columnist of TPMP wanted to warn Internet users. “Be careful! My advice is to wear a mask if you take public transport because it circulates. So obviously, the Covid is no longer like before, but that does not mean that it is not a reason for the ‘to catch”he confided in order to make it clear that despite the virulence, a bit less, of the Covid-19, it is always good not to catch it.

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