Cyndie reveals this element which immediately put her in doubt about Jauffrey

Cyndie reveals this element which immediately put her in doubt about Jauffrey

One of the stars of the final season of Married at First Sight, Cyndie opened up about her marriage to Jauffrey, and why it couldn’t work out.

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It’s over for Cyndie and Jauffrey. In Married at first sight this week, viewers were able to discover the results of one of the leading couples of this new season. After marrying with great fanfare, the duo eventually broke up, surprising both the show’s pundits and fans alike. Because if the complicity was there, several factors meant that the couple was obviously not made to be together. And as Cyndie reveals on Instagram, it was from the start that the young woman had doubts.

Jauffrey did not want to participate

Cyndie explains that for her part, she had been registered for several months to participate in the adventure: “I put a year of my life aside for this experience, a year of my life where I made sure to meet no one, where I removed myself from the dating sites that I had, where I did not go out almost not”, she says. The problem is thatshe learns in the meantime that Jauffrey on her side, had not planned to do the show at all : “He was cast, he didn’t want to do the show, he said no. When she understands that her other half had not taken the step of registering, it was then that the first doubts appeared: I doubted his sincerity, the fact that he was cast, that he didn’t want to, and that in the end he did it. Worse still, the young man even thinks that Cyndie is an actress: “When he told me all that, I wondered if he really wanted to get married.”

Their relationship quickly degenerated

She also confides that their relationship has “rapidly degenerated”and this, from the day after the wedding: “It was for me doomed to failure”despite a beautiful complicity very quickly. She also confirms having spoken to the production about it. “as soon as you return from the honeymoon”. She also had a discussion with Jauffrey, passages of which were even filmed : “They didn’t show them at all”regretting that the montage shows more “a friendzone” only doubts. However, despite this break, Cyndie does not regret the experience: “I think I would have done it with less expectation if I had known all that, I wouldn’t have put so much energy into it actually. But I’m glad I did it.” However, she admits having been “marked” : “I kind of took it as a failure, I was sad for a while. The candidate also returned to the way Jauffrey sees things with his friends: “I wondered a lot about whether I was going to have my place because it revolved a lot around his friends.” In Married at first sight, we actually see the boy probing his friends as if it were a must. But if Cyndie and Jauffrey are not “more in touch”she believes she had “an extraordinary wedding”.



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