this skin problem that ruined his life

this skin problem that ruined his life


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Audrey Fleurot has not always had perfect skin. The HPI star opens up about her skin problems that ruined her life.

To see the perfect diaphanous skin ofAudrey Fleurotit is hard to believe that the star of the series HPI has already had major skin problems. However, the one who is the face of the Eau Thermale de Jonzac brand, became one out of conviction at a time when she was suffering from very restrictive skin problems.

During an interview, Audrey Fleurot told us that she agreed to embody the brand because it really changed her life (and that of her skin!): “Jonzac approached me at a time when I had obviously exploded my tolerance to just about all the creams” she explains to contextualize, before continuing, “after spending years putting on every cream imaginable, in fact, I became hyper allergic to everything overnight”.

Audrey Fleurot was “at a dead end” with his skin

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Recalling her skin problems that ruined her life, she says: “As soon as there was a smell in the product, it didn’t work”. She also remembers having had severe allergic reactions when she tried certain treatments: “I had eczema, my face was swelling. I was really at an impasse”. “I really wanted to go organic, but in organic there are essential oils” she explains to us, pointing out in passing that her skin did not tolerate them. Having become more reactive than ever, her skin no longer tolerated any cream: “I couldn’t put anything on”.

Audrey Fleurot’s favorite care for her sensitive skin

It was at this time that the brand Eau Thermale de Jonzac asked the actress to become muse and the actress did not hide her skin concerns from her: “I told them: “I have to test because I am a bit at an impasse so to be able to represent the brand, it really has to become my products”. And the least we can say is that “immediately matched”.

Jonzac’s ranges corresponded in all respects to his skin problems at the time : “The fact that it is the only brand that is both organic and thermal water, it corresponded exactly to my needs”. Today the brand’s hydration range is one of its basics “because I have rather dry skin”, and to pamper her reactive skin, she also uses the sensitive skin range “during filming, for example”, when her skin is very stressed with makeup. Her favorite product to avoid allergic reactions when she feels that her skin is starting to irritate? The miraculous cream REactive of the mark, which it applies “when it feels tight, before the allergy, as a mask on the face” to avoid everything she’s been through before.

Eau Thermale Jonzac Miraculous Cream – REactive

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