Teddy Beaufour (Large families) looks back on the departure of his family and tackles the TF1 program (VIDEO)

Teddy Beaufour (Large families) looks back on the departure of his family and tackles the TF1 program (VIDEO)

Guest At Jordan’sTeddy Beaufour (Large families) made big revelations about his experience in season 1. Race for the buzz, attempt at staging, why they were fired, excess of the last seasons… The father of the family revealed the behind the scenes of the cardboard d TF1 audience.

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In October 2020, viewers discover Large families: life in XXL. The late afternoon program, which is in its fifth season today, has turned the lives of its participants upside down. Some moms have become influencers. Others, like Camille Santoro, were able to launch their business. If many families seem delighted with their TV experience, others are more bitter… By opening the door of their daily life to cameras, the Beaufours thought they were doing well. However, they will quickly become disillusioned. Remember, we discover Ophelia and Teddy in season 1 of Large families. The parents in their forties had six children, then aged between 10 months and 17 years old. The tribe settled in the Gers advocates a way of life as close as possible to nature and zero waste. Guest At Jordan’sthe father of the family considered the adventure disappointing and revealed that his family was pushed towards the exit by the production.

“We always had to do more”

It all started well though. Delighted to have found an ecological family, the production is convinced that the Beaufours will be part of the “flagship families” of their new program. But Teddy will quickly realize that this label will stick to their skin. On the Jordan de Luxe show, the dad regrets having been “catalog” in this way : “We are not extremists either (…) We are like everyone else“, he rectifies. Over time, the parents will go from disappointment to disappointment. One day of filming, while Ophélie and Teddy are folding their laundry, the journalist and the cameraman will ask that all the members of the family pitch in. A request judged “ridiculous” by Jordan De Luxe guest: “Normally I don’t, I don’t see why I would“, he explains. “We didn’t want to play the game. We always had to do more“, he assures, denouncing a race for buzz.

Teddy Beaufour tackles the last seasons of Large families

As for the film crews, the resistance of the Beaufours annoys. So much so that they are taken away from two filming sessions towards the end of their adventure. The Gers family would be “too simple” and “not scalable enough”, and is therefore fired from the program. “We felt that at one point, we had a life that was much too flat“, he adds. Not enough to make gray hair. Teddy Beaufour has no regrets about having left the show because he does not really appreciate what it has become…”The first season, it was benevolent. We saw the real life of a large family. Arrived at a time, it rises crescendo. There are scenes, it becomes anything. A lambda large family cannot identify with certain families“, he laments.

The entire show At Jordan’s with Teddy Beaufour can be discovered on Tele-Leisure this week-end.

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