Pierre Richard: Health check with astonishing results… Eddy Mitchell is not for nothing!

After the success of the first part, The old stoves 2 will be released in theaters on August 17. The perfect opportunity for Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and the team of C to you to receive the main actors, namely Pierre Richard, Eddy Mitchell and Bernard Lecoq. Only the latter was not present in the first opus, since it was Roland Giraud who played in his place.

Asked about his agreement with Eddy Mitchell, actor Pierre Richard told an anecdote about the filming of the film. “We get along well, especially at the table. !” he explained at first, making everyone on set laugh.”I spent two months with him (Editor’s note: Eddy Mitchell). When I finished the film, I took a blood test to see my doctor, he told me ‘So, it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine… Ah! You have a little too much glycerine!’ I ask him what it is, he tells me it’s sugar. I’m not having dessert! He said to me ‘Yes but in the wine!’ I replied ‘Oh yes, okay’…“, he revealed, then causing some laughter on the set, in particular that of Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine. It would therefore seem that the trio took advantage of a few breaks and a few evenings during filming to have a good time with friends. and not only with water on the table!

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