Laeticia Hallyday: Split dress, bare back and deep neckline for a trip to Saint-Tropez

The last few days have been emotionally complicated to manage for Laeticia Hallyday. While last June 15 would have marked the 79th birthday of the deceased rocker – Jade, Joy and Laeticia all declared their love to him on social networks – the clan was once again confronted with the pain of absence for Father’s Day. celebrated on June 19. To compensate as much as possible for the still visceral lack, Laeticia Hallyday, her companion Jalil Lespert and Joy Hallyday have therefore set sail for Saint-Tropez for a trip with a couple of friends.

As usual, Laeticia Hallyday shone with her style. To withstand the strong heat that hit France, everyone took advantage of a maritime getaway on a huge boat. And it is such a siren that Laeticia appeared alongside her darling and her youngest daughter. Her hair tied in a bun showed off the beautiful bare back of her long dark green dress. A sexy side accentuated by a deep neckline on the front and slits at the level of the legs, subtly revealing its perfect shape.

All smiles, skin caressed by the sun in the middle of golden hour, Laeticia, Jalil and Joy boarded a magnificent yacht with their couple of friends, Fati Rosenberg and Michel, for a well-deserved aquatic ride facing the sunset. Sun. One moment “out of time“of which Laeticia Hallyday revealed some images on her Instagram account.

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