Julien Doré settled in the Cévennes: what prompted him to move!

Julien Doré, who recently revealed the death of his mother, experienced a meteoric rise in the 2000s, then chaining TV sets, hits and then concerts. A popularity which, at the time, was difficult to manage for the singer. What led him to make a drastic decision, as revealed in the documentary Julien Doré: the free electronbroadcast this Wednesday, June 22 on W9. Because for a few years now, the interpreter of Paris-Seychelles lives in his native region, the Cévennes, far from the capital and the media pressure.

“It saved him from repeating ‘doing burnout‘, the phrase dear to Stromaé” underlined Benjamin Locoge, head of the culture department of Paris Match. “Tll these people of that generation all experienced at the same time an overflow” he continued. It was therefore difficult at the time for the singer to bear this sudden change in his way of life. It is for this reason that the native of Ales packed up, on returning home. “Instead of ending up in a mental hospital, banging your head against the walls, he preferred to say: ‘I’m going home. For me, it’s the South. It’s the Cevennes. It’s Anduz” explained Benjamin Locoge.

“In the heart of nature”

The 39-year-old artist spoke at the start of the year on this subject for Sudinfo. “I made the choice to live really in the heart of nature and in a rather lost way because that’s what makes me feel good, what inspires me, what makes me happy. My friends, I no longer meet them over a coffee or a beer for 5 minutes, but I see them for 48 hours” he had told.

A life much more serene than in Paris therefore, for the winner of the fifth season of the New Star, he who had recently become a father for the first time. Which led him to change his behavior towards his fans. “On stage, I’m a daronthis intimate role, that of the house, this responsibility, I feel it towards the kids I have in front of me, those who say a word to me, give me a drawing” he declared in the columns of Parisian on April 3.

On the other hand, he seeks to protect the mother of his child from social networks. “I’m in a more peaceful relationship.” had he revealed in the magazine Psychologies last year, without revealing his identity, or giving details of his companion. As a reminder, his previous love affairs, in particular those with actresses Louise Bourgoin and Marina Hands, had caused a lot of ink to flow.



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