Charlene of Monaco: Her daughter Gabriella caused a sensation in a luxury dress, at age 7

New official release for the Monegasque clan this Wednesday, June 22, in Oslo. Charlene of Monaco made her first overseas appearance in a long time. Alongside Prince Albert II, the South African was invited by King Harald V and Queen Sonja. The opportunity for Crown fans to see the princely couple exchange a rare kiss. A rapprochement and a gesture of tenderness that can reassure those who believed in the thesis of a possible divorce. At their side, the little blond crowned heads of Gabriella and Jacques were present.

The 7-year-old girl made her own again, multiplying sulky pout and grimaces, and thus literally stealing the show from her illustrious parents. And if Charlene of Monaco shone in a black ensemble signed by her favorite brand Akris, her daughter also caused a sensation. Keen on fashion, she had opted for a luxury black sequined dress, signed Emporio Armani. Mischievous, the princess displayed real self-confidence by crossing the red carpet with her head held high, visibly proud of her outfit.

Gabriella, star of the Monegasque clan

If Princess Charlotte of Cambridge has clearly risen to star status in the British royal family, Gabriella, more timid in her early days, has obviously taken the same turn. The daughter of Albert and Charlene does not fail to recall her strong character at each of her appearances. On June 16, she surprised photographers by appearing on the balcony of the prince’s palace, on the occasion of Corpus Christi (Corpus Domini), with a very sulky pout. His mother even having to intervene.

If we are to believe the statements of the South African, Gabriella inherited her taste for originality, especially in terms of fashion. Prince Jacques’ sister intends not to look like everyone else and to mark her difference through her outfits. While Charlene de Monaco is well known for her always very trendy hair changes, the little girl could well have some surprises in store for us as a teenager.

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