Bastien (Koh-Lanta) reveals this big rehabilitation problem he had when he returned to France after the adventure

This Thursday, June 23, Bastien (Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem) granted an interview to the Parisian in which he spoke of his earnings and his adventure. The adventurer took the opportunity to discuss his difficult return to France.

End clap for Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem. After more than three months of broadcasting, TF1 broadcast the finale of the 21st season of its adventure game in front of less than 3 million viewers. And this final has reserved its share of surprises. Indeed, these are two winners who finished ex aequo. Bastien and François therefore share the sum of 100,000 euros, but the outcome somewhat disappointed viewers. Jean-Charles, favorite of the public, finished fourth and was not drafted at the end of the test of the poles. But Bastien, impressive in the events throughout the adventure, won the votes of his comrades and swept away public criticism on a season deemed disappointing.

A weight loss that had consequences

It was a very pleasant season to live: there was no big treachery, we didn’t step on each other… But it’s a bit simplistic to call us Care Bears“, he told us during an interview. This Thursday, June 23, Bastien granted an interview to the Parisian, a few days after his victory. Recovering from his emotions, the adventurer returned to his whole adventure but also to his gains shared with François. Then, the 32-year-old rope access technician spoke of the hardness of the adventure and the upheavals in his life upon his return to France. “It was complicated especially in terms of food. I lost 14 kg during the adventure and when I returned, my stomach did not immediately accept the abundant foodhe explained at first.

“I got sick”

Then, the adventurer added: I got a little sick and when I started eating again, it was hard to control myself. We no longer feel the satiety effect, it is the stomach ache that forces us to stop eating. For the rest, I quickly found my comfort, I don’t need much, I slept in my bed with pleasure”. Like all adventurers from Koh-Lanta back in France, Bastien suffered from a return to a more normal life.

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