Adriana Karembeu makes an astonishing confidence about her nights with her husband

Adriana Karembeu is madly in love with her husband, Aram Ohanian, with whom she married in 2014. This Thursday, June 23, she however entrusts to Gala not to share the same room as him. And this for a very specific reason!

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If she has kept the surname of her former footballer husband for social representation, do not believe that she maintains any form of nostalgia. Adriana Karembeu is the most fulfilled woman in the world on the arm ofAram Ohanian. It was to this businessman of Armenian origin that she remarried, in Monaco, on June 14, 2014. Having gone to live in Marrakech with him (he runs a prestigious restaurant there, editor’s note), this does not does not prevent her from leading a brilliant career in television and as an ambassador for the Red Cross, in particular. The former iconic model of the 1990s confides in her relationship in the columns of Gala. She also makes a few statements about her daughter Nina, her first child, born when she was 46 years old. She confirms that it was indeed her husband who convinced her to give birth: “It was he who helped me not to miss the maternity train”.

Adriana Karembeu gives exceptional praise to her husband

The host of the popular science program The extraordinary powers of the human body makes a real ode to the character of his other half: “My guy has a crazy character. Anyway, I always choose indomitable men. Aram is fire. I admire him. I like his courage. He traces, he is honest, he does not betray anyone . For him a word is a word. And he is very funny”. Thus, Adriana Karembeu paints an absolutely idyllic picture. It must be said that she considers herself as another woman since she met him. More confident, less bothered by her image and the pangs of her violent past, the one who is also an actress is having fun today seeing that she is a mother. “fusional without being suffocating”.

The couple are sleeping apart… because of their daughter!

And it is by evoking the education of her daughter that the interested party delivers a little secret that is quite intimate and surprising. She states: “In Marrakech, I live in a hotel and there I share a huge room with my daughter – in which I even had a slide installed for her to play. Aram, he sleeps in another room. In the north (of Europe, editor’s note), the children sleep with their mother in co-sleeping until late”. This is a detail that risks making Nina take on all the traits of her illustrious mother. Because Adriana Karembeu slips that their physical resemblance is already notable: “She’s my big size, she’s a head taller than the others at the same age”. And finally to clarify: “But she has her father’s character and I like that”.

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