a husband already unfaithful to his wife? Hot messages leak

It’s time to take stock for Married at first sight 2022. The season is coming to an end and little by little, we learn which couples formed by Pascal De Sutter and Estelle Dossin, who revealed to us behind the scenes of the show, are still married or not. We already know that Caroline and Axel and Emilie and Frédérick have divorced. In episode 12, which aired on June 20, it was discovered that Cyndie and Jauffrey had made the same decision. The young groom even fell from a height when he discovered all the reproaches of his wife.

Conversely, Pauline and Damien, Jennifer and Eddy and Bruno and Alicia have decided to stay married. The last mentioned have also formalized their relationship on Instagram with a touching message. On the other hand, the suspense remains complete for Sandy and Alex and we will learn their decision in the last episode, on June 27th …

An unfaithful husband?

There are therefore several married men left: Bruno, Damien and Eddy, and one whose situation we do not yet really know: Alex. Bad news: one of them is already unfaithful to his wife! Jefflang2vip dropped a bomb on Instagram by revealing the messages that one of the bride and groom sent to a certain Alice. Fans of Alicia and Bruno, rest assured, the blogger clarified that it was not about the one who defended his sister against the haters.

There are therefore three suspects left: Damien, Eddy and Alex… And we can say that the culprit is rather hot! “You make anyone phew…

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