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this odious reflection that she had at the birth of William

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published by jessy on June 23, 2022 at 9:57 am

Since the jubilee of the Queen Elizabeth IImany former employees indulge in little anecdotes about the british royal family.

And with the imminent approach of Prince William’s 40th birthday, the express reveals a new crisp anecdote, which comes to attenuate the sad announcement of the Palace concerning the Queen of England.

For the last day of her Jubilee, Elizabeth II appears, tears in her eye, on the balcony of the Palace!

Elizabeth II: this derogatory comment to Charles at the birth of William!

The Queen Elizabeth II has a lot of humor. And many employees of the royal family will be able to tell. If a former bodyguard had made the buzz on social networks after reporting a funny anecdote about Elizabeth IIthe latter hides her game well when she is in public.

When faced with a terrible ultimatum a few days ago, the queen does not hesitate to tackling some of his family members. We have to go back to June 21, 1982, when the birth of prince william. WhenElizabeth II meeting the baby for the first time, her only reaction will be derogatory remark towards Prince Charles.

Elizabeth II longevity

“Thank God he doesn’t have his father’s ears”

On June 21, 1982, the princess diana gives birth to William. For his part, the Prince Charles can’t hide his emotion. He also wrote a letter to a cousin. A text in which he describes the experience as ” surprising “ . But when the queen elizabeth meets William for the first time, she hides her emotion. “Thank God he doesn’t have his father’s ears” she launched Prince Charles.

Comments reported by the magazine Marie Claire. But out of the question for Prince Charles to be intimidated by Elizabeth II, which broke a new record. It is not this little joke that will put water in the gas between the mother and her son.

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