Since coming out as trans, Elliot Page’s life has ‘improved dramatically’

LGBT+ – While the third season of Umbrella Academy has just been put online on Netflix, Elliot Page was a guest of the show “Late Night With Seth Meyers” this Tuesday, June 21. The opportunity for the actor to return to his trans coming out and the feeling of freedom that this caused.

“It has dramatically improved my life. I hope, you know, I hope people who have a problem with me can maybe try to hear that, or accept it on some level,” Elliot Page explained.

The actor who had already returned at length to these difficult years in an interview with Esquire, also expressed the joy he felt at finally being able to be, openly, himself. “What I want to focus on right now that has been so amazing is the degree of joy I feel, the degree of presence I feel. I feel that in a way that I never thought possible for a very, very long time”, detailed Elliot Page, believing that his transition has made him a better actor.

The actor is also particularly proud that this subject is addressed in season 3 of Umbrella Academy, where his character also makes his transition, which is welcomed with much love by his brothers and sisters.

“It’s a beautiful thing to live now. Because most of the time my life has been about just trying to move on, so embracing that experience as much as possible now, I think it’s made me better in many ways. As a person, as a friend, and in my relationships,” adds the actor.

Elliot Page is currently working on his memoir, “Pageboy,” which is slated for publication in 2023.

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