rape, violence ... the Youtuber Léo Grasset (DirtyBiology) is accused by eight women

rape, violence … the Youtuber Léo Grasset (DirtyBiology) is accused by eight women

If you are a fan of science or that you spend hours on Youtube regularly, you probably know the string DirtyBiology. Today, we learn through a long article by Mediapart that the Youtuber behind it, Leo Grasset, is implicated by several women for acts of sexual and psychological violence, but also of rape. For the moment, however, these are only testimonies, no complaint having been filed with the courts.

Léo Grasset, a successful youtuber implicated by eight women

If many still see YouTube as the platform for listening to music and watching video games, it actually offers an infinity of different content. For budding scientists, in particular, there are many extension channels such as DirtyBiology. Created in 2014, it has more than 1.3 million subscribers and its creator, Léo Grasset, regularly publishes highly appreciated videos on extremely diverse subjects, such as “Why apnea is theoretically impossible”, “Could dinosaurs have civilizations?”and many other topics.

If the 32-year-old man is a big hit among science popularization enthusiasts, we learn today through Mediapart that eight women implicated him in cases of various types of violence (psychological, sexual, etc.), including rape. Before going any further, it is important to recall once again that at the time of writing these lines, no complaint has been filed against the YouTuber. We therefore propose, for the moment, to dwell on the details of the investigation carried out by Mediapartand on the testimonies collected.

a rape case dating back to 2016

The alleged victim of rape by Léo Grasset, Lisa* (a false name to preserve her anonymity), says (remarks collected by Mediapart) having met the videographer in the mid-2010s, when she was 18 years old. finding it “nice” and “charismatic”, she would have approached him, and the two would have ended up sleeping together in the summer of 2015, then several times thereafter. According to Lisa*, at the time already, the couple they formed was special, Leo regularly disappearing from his life before returning afterwards.

But it was one night in July 2016 that everything went wrong: Léo Grasset would have arrived very late and heavily alcoholic to an appointment. The young woman refusing to have sex, her boyfriend would have tried caresses before being rejected. This is where he would have “maintained [Lisa*] with his hands around his neck” and that he would have “penetrated with very strong blows”. In a state of shock, she reportedly spoke to her mother and other relatives as her mental health deteriorated, but would never have dared to speak about it publicly, out of shame and before the movement #MeToo release the word.

Seven other charges relating to violence and problematic behavior

An actress close to Lisa*, who would have met Léo Grasset in Quebec in 2017, affirms that the latter would have accused Lisa of being a “stalker”, while expressing herself: “And I really smashed his mucous membranes, among other degrading remarks regularly made about him. A form of psychological violence with significant consequences.

The words of the 30-year-old have in any casein all likelihood, shocked in his private sphere: “It’s crazy to measure how much Leo managed to create a bubble and squeeze it out. We felt extremely guilty for falling into this.” declares another scientific popularizer (comment relayed by Mediapart). For his part, Léo Grasset would have apologized to Lisa * for the night of July 2016 and would have mentioned “a mistake of youth”.

It is from 2020 that the view of many relatives of the videographer would have changed about him. Many women who have had relationships thus testify to problematic behavior, or even worse. Having agreed to testify without anonymity, the youtuber Marine Périn (Marinette) explains thathe would have “a lot of trouble with the notion of consent. For example, shouting the word “stop” does not prevent it at all from continuing”, referring to a sexual relationship dating back to 2018, according to a message she had sent to a relative to tell him about the problem.

As for the six other women, they evoke “psychological violence” or a behavior “toxic”, Léo Grasset, according to them, being particularly possessive – even imposing a situation “of influence” – with dozens of messages per hour and a very changeable behavior, often resulting in sexist remarks and sometimes violent insults. Obviously, on Twitter, the reactions are numerous, and continue to rain.

Leo Grasset was without a doubt my favorite popularizer, a model of life to follow, inspiring. I am devastated. Like what the halo effect..

Huge support for victims. https://t.co/PcYyHQ7HBS

June 23, 2022

For his part, the person concerned has not reacted publicly for the moment. His lawyers simply indicated that “Mr. Grasset [tient] available to the judicial authority in the event that the latter were seized of these allegations”. Pending any further investigation, the YouTuber has the right to the presumption of innocence.

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