Prince Moulay Rachid’s boost to Gérard Darmon

Faced with Manu Katché, presenter of the show, the Franco-Moroccan actor and singer Gérard Darmon indulged in a few secrets about his origins, his childhood, and especially the question that many French people ask themselves about the reasons which prompted the actor to apply for Moroccan nationality.

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For some, even if the actor recently revealed that Morocco remains the land of his ancestors, it remains obvious that behind this sudden desire to have Moroccan nationality, hides other reasons. But for Gérard Darmon, it is not at all. “I was discussing with one of the Moroccan personalities (Editor’s note: Prince Moulay Rachid) my attachment to Morocco, which I have been visiting for more than 40 years. I told him it was the land of my ancestors, my ancestors. One day, this personality came back to see me to tell me that he told my story to his brother (the king) and that he was very moved and he decided to grant you Moroccan nationality. Which is absolutely exceptional.”

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Following this, Prince Moulay Rachid asked Gérard Darmon to write a cover letter to this effect. What the actor hastened to accept. “So I unrolled a cover letter with my heart. That’s why he read it and accepted my request. So I went to Rabat to do in 2 hours what some people take 15, 20 or never to do. So I have my passport, my Moroccan papers. And it’s for honor. Not for anything tax related. I have nothing there. It’s just for the love of Morocco that I love so much”.

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For those who accuse him of not being French in his Jewish origins, Gérard Darmon feels amused. “Yes, I feel eminently French. I feel all the more French when people try to tell me that I’m not really.

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