Miss Ile-de-France: among the contenders, the first transgender candidate

They are 16 on the starting line, but only one will be crowned in a few months. This Thursday, the Miss Ile-de-France committee presented the candidates who will compete in the regional beauty contest on October 22 in Dammarie-les-Lys (Seine-et-Marne). The current Miss France, Diane Leyre, former Miss Paris and representative of the region in the national competition, responded to support those she already calls her “little sisters”.

Perched on their heels, the girls roam the platform of the conference room of the Marriott Hotel des Champs-Élysées, partner of the event, while Diane Leyre introduces them. Students in nursing school, in eco-management license, seamstress, and perhaps future teacher… the candidates all have varied profiles and are experimenting for one of the first times in their lives to appear on stage.

If the candidates are on an equal footing, one of them attracts all eyes this year. Andréa Furet, 20, revealed herself in the TF1 fiction “Il est elle”. The first transgender candidate in the history of the beauty contest, she represents a small revolution made possible by a change in the rules for participating in the competition.

Because the beauty contest has been decried for years: it was necessary in particular to be single, of legal age but under the age of 24, or even not to have a tattoo. From now on, mothers can participate, tattoos are authorized, and above all it is requested that girls be female in the civil status and no longer at birth.

For Laure Mattioli, president of the Miss Île-de-France committee, this new rule does not change the treatment of candidates: “For us, Andréa is a candidate like the others. She is female on her marital status, that’s all that matters, I don’t go into the privacy of girls. »

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