Mélanie Diam’s will be in Audrey Crespo-Mara’s “Portrait of the Week” on TF1

Nice shot for TF1. As announced in a press release this Thursday, the channel has obtained Mélanie Diam’s exclusive interview. She will confide next Sunday in the magazine seven to eight in front of the journalist Audrey Crespo Marain the Portrait of the week.

“His documentary, Hello, which tells the story of her life, was presented at the Cannes Film Festival, without her. Sunday evening, she grants Audrey Crespo-Mara her only TV interview, the first for 7 years, “said the press release.

Reunion 10 years later

Mélanie Diam’s had in fact not wanted to go to Cannes for the event screening of this documentary. She explained it in a video a few minutes before, reports TVMag. “I know you didn’t see contempt or disdain there because I’ve always liked meeting people, that’s not really the point. But it’s really out of concern perhaps to preserve this cocoon, this simple life that I ultimately have today, ”she said.

It is therefore on TF1 that the public will find Mélanie Diam’s on Sunday. As the specialized site specifies, it was in 2012 against Thierry Demaizière (at the helm of the Portrait of the week at the time), that she had appeared for the first time with a veil and announced that she was ending her career.

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