Matt Houston: Inappropriate gestures, daze … The singer fired after a catastrophic performance!

Matt Houston: Inappropriate gestures, daze … The singer fired after a catastrophic performance!

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But what happens to Matt Houston? Idol of young people in the 2000s, the R’n’B singer has been chaining bad buzz to controversy for a few weeks and has even just been fired from the “Back to Basics 2000” tour after a completely failed concert which ended by middle fingers to his audience… Disappointed, fans expressed their surprise on social networks.

We don’t really know what’s going on with Matt Houston…but the star singer of the 90s and 2000s isn’t having the best time of his life! This Saturday, when he was part of the concert “Back to Basics 2000“, the forty-something arrived in a daze. Haggard, he suffered a few whistles before starting to give the middle fingers to the dumbfounded crowd.

Quickly, security came to evacuate him from the stage, as he continued his very inappropriate gestures to his audience, who did not really understand what was happening. The fans present in the crowd did not hesitate to comment on the social networks this catastrophic performance.

Glad to have witnessed the end of Matt Houston’s career” could we read in particular. “He arrived on stage completely torn and unable to sing. It was sad…“, commented another Internet user, or even “When I think there was his daughter in the room… I felt sorry for her“.

The organizers were quick to react and decided on Tuesday to exclude the French singer from the tour. “The production apologizes for the slippage of the artist Matt Houston during his performance at the Zénith de Paris on Saturday June 18, 2022. The tour dissociates itself from these comments and this attitude towards the public.“, they said in a statement.

We inform you that the production has made the decision not to continue with the artist Matt Houston and that he is no longer part of the Back to Basic tour since June 19, 2022“, they conclude. The singer also reacted on Instagram but far from apologizing, he added to it in a very angry video, where he explained that he had been insulted. But everything has disappeared for a few hours: after the official press release, he deleted everything.

It’s not the first time in recent weeks that the street R’n’B singer has slipped up: a few weeks ago, at the time of the Cannes Film Festival and the rare interview with Diam’s on the Brut platform, he had strongly criticized the rapper: “Buy a plaid and go n***** your mother. Nah but” he wrote in a story on Instagram. Touched by a wave of very negative reactions, he finally apologized to the young woman in private and in public.

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