Marlène Schiappa soon produced by Cyril Hanouna? “We discuss to find the right format” (VIDEO)

Invited on CNews this Tuesday, June 21, the former minister indicated that she had several proposals to start on television.

This evening, on the set of TPMP, the one who is releasing a new book “Is it a good situation, that, minister?”, spoke with the columnists about her professional future.

Highly publicized for several years, Marlène Schiappa seems to be destined for a career in television. The former Secretary of State for Equality between Women and Men and the Fight against Discrimination said she had “two, three proposals” for media projects from which she will have to choose.

Cyril Hanouna then confessed: “We saw each other a long time ago with Marlène. I’ve been telling her for years that she should turn to the media. I always told him if you want to work with me, I’ll leave you my card”.

Marlène Schiappa bounces back on the host’s words: “I am a loyal person, it was Cyril Hanouna who first suggested that I think about this subject. He is someone who has an immense sense of the times, who is a producer who knows immediately what will work or not. How to address the audience. It is important for him to respect the public”.

Admiring Baba’s work, she adds: “For me too, it’s important to respect the people who are going to watch. Trying to find the right mix and the crest line between what will really work but also defending a cause or a subject”.

If she does not intend to join the band of TPMP columnists, she puts things to the point: “I do not have a contract with C8. We have no project with C8. That’s not the plan”.

She specifies: “We discuss precisely to find the right format. I am not a TV producer. So I have projects, then I see Cyril and he is kind enough to advise me and help me refine the project”. And Cyril Hanouna adds: “for the moment, there is nothing concrete”…


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