Maeva Ghennam filmed in Eve’s outfit on social networks, her mother explains her gesture

It is a controversy which she would have done well. Maeva Ghennam saw a video of her in Eve’s outfit going around the Internet on June 21. A video from a photo posted by mistake by his own mother…

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A photo of her entirely in Eve’s outfit is currently making the rounds on the web. So much so that she was TT on Twitter on June 21. If Maeva Ghennam likes this kind of buzz, for once, it was not wanted at all. In effect, Salya, his motherposted a selfie in front of the mirror in his Snapchat story. The problem is that she did not check before publishing her snap and we saw Maeva in the background. The latter took a few hours for her before speaking on Instagram. In story, the former candidate of Marseilles in Mexico spoke this Wednesday, June 22: Listen, I’m better. I didn’t sleep very well and I had a stomach ache from what happened yesterday. I’m with my mother who didn’t do it on purpose.Which Salya then confirms: “I did not do it on purpose. I was tired. You said to me: ‘come on, let’s go’ and I posted without even looking.

“I will never be caught there again”

Maeva then advises her mother to be more careful the next time she posts something on social networks. What his mother retorts without thinking, visibly shocked to have been able to do such a thing: “Ah no, but frankly there, I will never be caught again!” Maeva then resumes speaking: “She didn’t do it on purpose. Well, it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, it’s done. The main thing was that people don’t share it“, she said, before adding: “But the people on the internet are too mean, they’re too bad. The video made the rounds of France. Everyone shared, I’m disgusted, but hey, there’s no turning back.” And to conclude: “It doesn’t matter, it happens.

Maeva Ghennam is fed up with her buttock implants

Maeva Ghennam has undergone numerous cosmetic operations. Plumped lips, prominent cheekbones, refined nose, increased breast and buttock volume, the candidate has literally transformed. Last May, she explained on her Instagram account: “I don’t like my butt anymore.Sharing a photo of her in lingerie, the candidate said, about her buttocks: “I find it vulgar. I want to take them off.” For now, however, she has not touched them in view of these recent Instagram photos.

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