Loana with her breasts exposed and “not in her normal state”? His last heartbreaking video

For several weeks, Loana Petrucciani had not given any news on Instagram. But recently, the winner of season 1 of loft story (2001, on M6) has made a comeback. After sharing a video on which she has a filter, she unveiled new images which did not go unnoticed and which even worried some of her subscribers.

Tuesday, June 21 was celebrated the Fête de la Musique. An event that Loana wanted to celebrate with her Instagram community a little late. “Late music festival but is there a special day to have fun??????? So, I wanted to share my joy with you… Big kisses my darlings“, she wrote on June 22. If the message has everything that is more normal, the video that accompanies it intrigues. We can see Loana with headphones dancing … naked. Indeed, the 44-year-old woman lowers her phone slightly at one point, revealing her breasts for all to see.Simple mistake or wanting to reveal too much? Impossible to say.

According to some, Loana was not in her normal state when she filmed and posted her video. “So on your video Lolo nothing goes: firstly there’s no music, secondly you’re naked and damn it but you’re stoned like a space fox! Is it still possible to help you?“, writes in particular a user. Another was especially worried after discovering this publication: “Oh my God !!! It’s urgent…

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