Loana topless on Instagram: accused of not being in her normal state, she breaks the silence

If for several weeks, Loana Petrucciani worried her community because of her absence on social networks, her return is just as much to talk about. Recently, the winner of Loft Story 1 (2001, on M6) gives news. But his publication of June 22, 2022 made people talk, enough to annoy him greatly.

Remember that Loana wanted to celebrate the Fête de la Musique a little late with its subscribers, in its own way. Thus, she posted a video on which we can discover her with headphones in her ears, dancing. “Music festival, a little late. (…) Made the feast“, can we hear him say. And at one point, the 44-year-old blonde stealthily lowers her phone. Internet users could therefore see her chest, because she was apparently completely naked. “So on your video Lolo nothing goes: firstly there’s no music, secondly you’re naked and damn it but you’re stoned like a space fox! Is it still possible to help you?”, “Oh my God!!! There is an EMERGENCY … she is really not in her normal state. What are his relatives doing? You have to alert his profile, it’s crazy. She’s toothless and high haired… what else???”, “But Loana. You can’t show yourself like that, it’s totally degrading for your image“, can we read in particular among the comments.

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