Lilia Hassaine leaves “Daily”

She leaves (a second time) the talk. Last night on TMC, Yann Barthès announced to viewers of “Daily” that journalist Lilia Hassaine intended to present her final column on the show. “I would like us to watch Lilia Hassaine“, he launched at the start of the program, during the presentation of the team. And to indicate: “We have to take advantage of having him by our side because it’s the very last time tonight. This is the latest from Lilia Hassaine. She started at the ‘Petit journal’ in 2016 in Martin Weil’s team“. On the air appeared the first intervention of the columnist in June 2017 on the set of “Daily” during a Donald Trump special.

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At the time of his column “Le Zoom”, the host confided his sadness to see the member of his band leave. “Today, I launch ‘Le Zoom’ with crying eyes, because the eyes of ‘Zoom’ are all sad. This is Lilia Hassaine’s latest ‘Zoom’“, presented Yann Barthès. “I am sad too“, she slipped, before starting her column.

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