les ultras milanais préparent un accueil glacial à Lukaku pour son retour

Romelu Lukaku is expected to return to Inter Milan but the club’s ultras have already warned that they do not intend to welcome the Belgian as a hero. They have not forgotten his departure last summer, judged as a betrayal.

Just a year after leaving Inter Milan, Romelu Lukaku is set to return to the club on a paying one-season loan. But the Belgian, yet champion with the Nerazzurri in May 2021, is not returning to conquered territory. The ultras internists have already warned that they would reserve an icy welcome for their former center forward, whose departure for Chelsea had been experienced as a betrayal.

“We urge all Inter fans not to fall into the trap,” said Curva Nord in an Instagram post published on Wednesday afternoon, about fans who would be tempted to cheer Lukaku upon his arrival in Milan. . “Pretending nothing happened would only further accelerate this process that has been going on for years, aimed at making us all dumb and docile consumers,” the post adds.

Regain the respect of supporters on the pitch

The calls of the foot of Lukaku during the season, who had half regretted his departure from Inter, were not enough to appease his relations with the ultras of the club, who still consider his departure last year as a betrayal”. They claim, however, that they won’t sing against the Belgian and will continue to support Inter Milan.

The support of the internal supporters, Lukaku will then have to “win it on the pitch with humility and sweat”, warns the Curva Nord, before concluding: “He was supported and treated like a king, now he is only like many others. ” The tone is set.

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