Léo Grasset: YouTuber DirtyBiology accused of rape and toxic behavior

It’s a real earthquake that has just shaken the world of YouTube this Thursday, June 23, 2022. It is indeed on this date that Mediapart published an extremely important investigation in which the videographer Leo Grasset – better known under the pseudonym DirtyBiology on the video platform, is implicated by 8 different women for rape, psychological and sexual violence and behavior deemed problematic.

Léo Grasset accused of rape

To media journalists, Lisa * – a videographer in her twenties who prefers to remain anonymous, reveals that she suffered sexual violence from the 32-year-old YouTuber, a real star in the world of popular science thanks to his channel launched in 2014 (more than 1.3 million subscribers), but also thanks to the publication of his various works (a comic strip by Delcourt entitled The great adventure of sexa book published by Flammarion entitled The big mess of evolution).

A difficult speech for the one who claims to have lived “mental hell” in recent years, but necessary. During her testimony, Lisa reveals that she and Léo Grasset would have shared a relationship “chaotic” from 2015. Evoking a “hold“on her part, the videographer explains that both of them slept regularly together at the time, but that where she seemed to project herself with him, the YouTuber would have conversely had a complicated behavior against her by gosthing her regularly before renewing contact according to her wishes, but also by making fun of her on various forums.

“I tell him several times that I don’t want to”

A tiring “game” for Lisa that would have provoked in her “a kind of mental yoyo“, and which would have subsequently taken a dramatic turn one evening in July 2016. According to the words of the young woman, when they were supposed to spend the evening together, Léo Grasset would have finally found her “around 1:30 a.m.” after spending the previous hours with his friends. Strongly alcoholiche would have nevertheless tried to make love with Lisa who, “angry“against the influencer, would have quickly refused:”I tell him several times that I don’t want“, she explains to Médiapart.

Faced with the caresses imposed without her knowledge, she would have tried to dodge it, which would have greatly displeased and provoked her “a kind of switch in his eyes“. Quickly, Léo Grasset would have it “held with her hands around her neck“before the”penetrate[er] with very strong blows“. A scary scene for Lisa – Mediapart reveals that she was in tears at the time of the story, which would have felt helpless, “I wanted to scream and there was no sound coming out of my mouth“. In a state of shock, she mentions in particular “a kind of maximum cognitive dissonance” put in place to face this tragedy.

To date, Lisa – who claims to be regularly subject to “anxiety attacks” and victim of a disturbed love and sexual life, still haven’t filed a complaint. As she explains to reporters, “At the time, I think that if I file a complaint, my career will be ruined. At best, I will be seen as the girl who was raped. At worst, all the other popular videographers will gang up on me“.

It must also be said that Léo Grasset – aware of his aura, would have taken care over the years to give him a horrible reputation with his colleagues in the industry. A situation that was recognized in this investigation by various YouTube personalities including Manon Bril (Channel: “It’s another story”), “Very quickly, we build a reputation for her as a cheating chick, a dishonest chick“, who also reveals that she too was a victim of the toxic behavior of the young man during their past relationship.

“a mistake of youth” would have been mentioned by the videographer

However, also interviewed by Mediapart, Lisa’s relatives ensure that the absence of a complaint does not mean that she would have remained silent about this sexual assault. On the contrary, from the summer of 2016, she would have spoken about it in particular to her mother who confesses here, “I immediately realized the seriousness of what my daughter described. (…) In the weeks and months that followed, she had a disgust for everything. She took medicine, saw shrinks“. Two of his friends were also aware and witnessed his descent into hell punctuated by “moments of great depression” and an “panic attack“during an evening.

Similarly, while Léo Grasset would have continued to make fun of Lisa in recent years to the point of having shameful remarks about her – he would have benefited in particular from a discussion on “stalking” (harassment) during a party organized in the fall of 2017 to declare to a friend of Lisa, “I know a good one, me, a stalker, your friend. (…) And I really broke his mucous membranes“, the young man would have more or less admitted to having behaved against him that was not correct on January 19, 2019.

Without ever mentioning rape, the videographer allegedly wrote in a private message on Facebook, “I was not correct with you when we saw each other again in 2016 (…) Well, it was a particularly messy period of my life, and it’s better now, but that doesn’t excuse anything“. A message that would have led to a meeting in a Parisian café in April 2019, during which he would have admitted that he was “drunk“that famous evening and what he would have done then”a mistake of youthe“. Then again, Lisa would not have hesitated to share this discussion with those close to her at the time.

Léo Grasset refuses to comment

For now, Léo Grasset – who remains presumed innocent, has still not reacted to this accusation. As Mediapart mentions, an interview was supposed to take place on June 21, but the videographer finally changed his mind, explaining by email: “I took the time to seek expert advice on the subject to make an informed decision. Following these discussions, I took the decision not to answer Mediapart’s questions on the allegations mentioned in your previous e-mail, preferring to follow the advice of these experts.“.

In addition, the site also reveals the response of its lawyers, “We do not wish to respond to requests from the press, Mr. Grasset being at the disposal of the judicial authority in the event that the latter is seized of these allegations. We will of course take note of your article, hoping that no attack will come to be brought to the respect of his right to the presumption of innocence.“.

Lisa’s testimony can be found on the Mediapart site, as are those of 7 other women who claim in detail that Léo Grasset was the source of psychological and sexual violence and behavior deemed problematic. Be careful, some testimonials may offend the sensibilities.

*Lisa is an assumed name for the needs of anonymization of the young woman.

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