Large Families – “I can’t take it anymore”, “She makes a fuss of it”, “Don’t dream too much anyway”: Internet users no longer support the Pavoni

This sequence made internet users talk who do not carry the Pavoni in their hearts

“Large Families: life in XXL” unveils this Wednesday, June 22, an important episode in the history of the Pavoni family. It’s the day of the meeting between their youngest and their four boys. How will they react? The scene made the twittos talk who have more and more trouble with this family.

She’s the first girl in the family! We find the Pavoni family this Wednesday, June 22 in “Large Families: Life in XXL” with the arrival in their already full home of a new member: a little girl. Until today, the siblings of four were only made up of boys. So this newcomer will be a big change: a little sister joins the family. Moreover, the sequence of childbirth had also made speak.

The parents, Agnès and Romain, have therefore decided to keep the first name secret for the moment and are waiting to be able to announce it to their four boys at the same time. Coming back from the maternity ward, it’s time for the first meeting with the two youngest of the family. The couple enters the house with their newborn to present it to the two little ones. They show them, make them carry the baby and the little boys are completely touched by their little sister. But those who have not been moved are indeed the Internet users who do not appreciate the scene at all, on the contrary. According to them, the parents are doing too much: they can’t stand the suspense around the first name either. And they expressed their dissatisfaction.

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