Johnny Depp returns to a mythical place… after being driven out!

He’s back in business! After a stormy trial where he was sentenced to pay 2 million dollars to his ex-wife Amber Heard but above all won 14 million and succeeded in proving that the latter had lied by accusing him of domestic violence, Johnny Depp finds little little will sound from time to time. To the point that his pirate character has made his symbolic return to a famous Parisian amusement park.

After being the target of domestic violence charges, Johnny Depp’s career took a dramatic turn. The star who has enchanted the world since the 1980s had gradually lost its luster and had been successively removed from two flagship saga. First Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them from the Harry Potter universe, in which he was replaced by Mads Mikkelsen. But it is above all his departure from Pirates of the Caribbean and his abandonment of his iconic character of Jack Sparrow that will give the coup de grace to a career that was faltering. Only here, Johnny Depp is on the way to redemption. Released (relatively) victorious from his trial against Amber Heard, the ex of Vanessa Paradis is gradually rebuilding an image. And it is on the side of Disneyland Paris that the trend is felt. It’s the DailyMail which revealed that the face of Jack Sparrow had been projected in a giant way on the famous castle in the park last Saturday evening. What to consider a return of the captain on the screen? The future will tell.

As a reminder, relations between Disney and Johnny Depp have been greatly strained since the accusations of Amber Heard. Still upset to have been dismissed from the sequels of the series, the actor does not really want to work again with his former collaborators. Evidenced by his relentless response. “Rnothing on this earthnot even 300 million dollars and a million alpacas“won’t get him back to work with the famous American firm,” he said.

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