he presents his lovely companion, Magalie

Antoine de Maximy has regularly put his passion for travel and discovery before anything else. He who values ​​his freedom makes it a point of honor to keep it. Reason why he so often evoked his celibacy: “I don’t ask to be understood, but I function in a way that makes me feel good when I’m single. I make no concessions to freedom. I don’t want constraints“, he explained in particular in the program At Jordan’s. But Antoine de Maximy could finally have found his compass in the middle of all these escapades. And contrary to what one might think, it was not at the other end of the world that he met her.

On the set of Do not touch My TV on June 1, Antoine de Maximy revealed that he was in a relationship: “It’s not going badlyhe had even specified. It hasn’t happened to me often because I’m too independent, but here it works!“It was at the Avignon festival that Antoine de Maximy met Magalie. And for the first time, the 62-year-old host officially presented her during an evening organized by RMC this Wednesday, June 22 (see slideshow).

In his legendary red shirt, Antoine de Maximy posed with his companion, a pretty blonde barely taller than him. The couple, radiant, multiplied the smiles in front of the objective, an exercise to which they are however not accustomed at all….

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